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Dave Davies

Dave Davies

Dave Davies

Training for the voluntary sector
STEGO is a Greek word. It describes the structure that supports a roof or the hull. It also means “to bear”. My logo depicts both these aspects of the STEGO. STEGO Training aims to help people to create a strong framework on which to build their learning and personal development. Training, consultancy and facilitation take place within a safe environment, another meaning of the word STEGO.

STEGO training and development in a time of change
It is acknowledged that the voluntary sector plays a vital role in today’s society and is a valued part of the economy. Considering that the majority of people involved within the voluntary sector are volunteers, making up to at least 70% of the workforce, good training and work practice are vital. That is where STEGO can help play a vital part in the development of staff, management committees and volunteers. So that they may continue to develop their own capacity to support and service the community or local voluntary organisations.

Experience in the voluntary sector
I developed STEGO Training and Consultancy based on my experience as a trainer and volunteer manager over thirty years in Scottish voluntary organisations. My working experience has included mental health, adult guidance, befriending, counselling and extensive work with volunteers and voluntary management  committees in a wide range of settings.

STEGO training
STEGO training includes: valuing equality and diversity, recruitment, committee skills, support and supervision , team building, groupwork, decision making time, management, evaluation, counselling skills, negotiation, befriending, fundraising, telephone advice, equality and sexual orientation. Other training and development programmes can be designed to fit clients’ needs.

STEGO consultancy
Stego consultancy specialises in working with the voluntary sector to enhance the necessary skills required to work successfully in a growing and important part of today’s economy.

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